When you call on HydraTech to provide fast fixes or longer term solutions, we provide unparalleled service and support.


When you call on HydraTech to provide fast fixes or longer term solutions, we provide unparalleled service and support.


HydraTech believes that a customer should not feel like a number in line. We strive for a personal business interaction with each customer. As a small business, HydraTech offers a professional experience from the first contact to the project completion.

Many customers make the first contact over the phone or through email. They will notice a difference right away. As long as we are open, someone will answer the phone. Nobody wants to waste their time on hold or have to navigate an automated phone process. We believe when a customer asks a question, a timely response is necessary. Our customers’ time is valued. Customers are greeted by a person, happy and capable of helping them, rather than a menu or phone bot. If a customer decides to make contact via email, they will receive the same personal care. Emails are almost always answered the same day they are sent.

After you contact HydraTech, it won’t be long until we know you by name. As a company with less than twenty people and healthy open communication, everyone knows about nearly every project. So when you continue communications throughout the project, you can be sure that even if you do not reach the person you first talked to, whoever you reach will be familiar with you and your needs.

Hydratech is continually trying to improve the customer experience. The website and social media accounts are continually being enhanced and refreshed with new content. Our lead engineer is constantly researching to improve our products. HydraTech can also certify customers to install our flagship product, the HydraTite seal. This certification ensures that the product will be appropriately installed even if they do not hire HydraTech Field Service to install them.

Customer experience with HydraTech is personal and professional from the first contact to the installation of our product. The proof of this can be seen by our large number of returning customers.

#1 Customer Service and Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry.

  • When you call us, you speak to a person
  • When you need us:
      • FAST – we are quick to respond with industry-leading solutions.
      • AFTER HOURS – we are here to support you on your time.
  • When you require:
      • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – we have expert engineers on staff and on call.
      • ON-SITE SERVICE – we have experienced technicians ready to serve.

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    We provide the highest quality products and customized solutions and stand behind our work. You can rely on HydraTech for total support of pipe challenges from a simple fix to the most difficult repairs.

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