Power & Utility Pipe Repair

Power & Utility Pipe Repair

HydraTech provides economical and reliable on-site repair options for vital operating systems and equipment. Our power & utility pipe repair products extend service life, prevent unscheduled downtime, and allow for a rapid return to service.

Our products allow you to repair and conduct preventive maintenance on circulating water systems and process piping, including deteriorated pipes and expansion joints. These pipe repair solutions also allow for internal rehabilitation of man-entry sized piping.

HydraTech products for the power & utility industry have been thoroughly tested in accordance with ASTM standards to ensure quality, effectiveness, and durability. Learn more about each of our power & utility pipe repair products below.

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HydraTech Products for Power & Utility Pipe Repair

HydraTite® Internal Joint Seal System

Our HydraTite® internal joint sealing system repairs deteriorating pipes from the inside, eliminating the need for expensive excavation. Great for emergency repairs, it is a proven solution for pipe joint repairs, pressure pipe repairs and joint infiltration in drinking water, storm drain sewers, gas pipelines, storage pipelines, distribution pipelines, and power generation

Great for:

● Liner end seals
● Expansion joint seals
● Round pipe joint seals
● Elliptical pipe joint seals
● Box joint seals
● Expansion Joints


HydraWrap® Structural Composite Pipe Repair System

Stop leaks and quickly repair corroded pipeline with the HydraWrap® structural composite repair system. This system creates a corrosion barrier with a combination of high-performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fiber fabric. It can be installed in less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for cost-effective emergency repairs.

Great for:

● Gas pipelines
● Power generation pipelines
● Industrial process pipelines
● Marine and underwater pipelines
● Bulkheads


HydraLine Epoxy-Based Pipe Repair

HydraLine is a range of epoxy-based products that offer chemical and corrosion resistant repair for primary and secondary containment applications. HydraLine products are effective primers, fillers, FRP binders, and chemical and corrosion resistant coatings.


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