HydraLine Pipe Repair

Versatile Epoxy-Based Pipe Repair Products

HydraLine is a range of epoxy-based products that offer versatility for a variety of applications. With an emphasis on chemical and corrosion resistance, HydraLine products have proven effective as primers, fillers, FRP binders, and chemical and corrosion resistant coatings.

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HydraLine Overview

HydraTech’s HydraLine is a performance driven line of products that provide chemical and corrosion resistant repair for primary and secondary containment applications. HydraLine is backed by our engineering staff that services each application with assessment and technical support.

HydraLine can be used in the following capacities:
● Fill it with chopped fibers to create a polymeric filler or putty
● Fill it with Portland cement to form a polymeric mortar or grout
● Use it in conjunction with woven fabrics for structural repairs


HydraTech HydraLine 4134

HydraLine 4134 is a unique, high build epoxy coating for corrosion resistance. It adheres to a variety of substrates while allowing a sag free application at high film builds. No curing necessary and good chemical resistance make this a popular choice for primary and secondary
containment applications.

View the technical data sheet to learn more about HydraLine 4134 such as chemical resistance,
application processes, and coverage information.


HydraTech HydraLine 4135

HydraLine 4135 is a high performance, acid-resistant coating for corrosion resistance. It adheres to a wide variety of substrates, including stainless steel, cast iron, and concrete. With only ambient curing necessary, you’ll save time and money.

View the technical data sheet to learn more about HydraLine 4135 such as adhesion, physical
properties, and installation procedures.


HydraLine in Action

When the fiberglass liner in the floor of a storm drain retention tank required waterproofing repair, HydraLine was used to repair the cracked and peeling areas. Repairs with HydraLine were faster and more economical than replacing the fiberglass liner outright. Read more about this repair.




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