Petrochemical & Marine Pipe Sealing & Repair

Petrochemical & Marine Pipe Sealing & Repair

Repair damaged piping, prevent corrosion, and reduce downtime and emergency repairs with HydraTech’s composite products and protective coatings. Our petrochemical and marine pipe repair solutions offer structural rehabilitation to pressurized piping, tanks, and similar equipment. These ABS-design certified products use carbon fiber reinforced composite, epoxy, and
polyurea coatings to protect against aggressive chemical and environmental conditions.

Instead of expensive replacements, our proven pipe repair and pipe sealing solutions allow you to restore existing pipes, significantly extending their life. Learn more about our pipe sealing and repair products for the petrochemical and marine industries below.

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Petrochemical & Marine Pipe Repair Products

HydraTech’s pipe sealing & repair products provide effective, durable, and functioning solutions for companies in the petrochemical & marine industries. Learn more about which HydraTech solution is right for your pipe sealing & repair needs below.


HydraWrap® Pipe Wrap and Leak Repair

HydraWrap® is our structural composite repair system. Using a combination of high performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fiber fabric, this system creates a corrosion barrier for degraded piping and stops leaks quickly. With several HydraWrap product lines for use in various applications, it is a cost-effective way to prevent unplanned shutdowns in the petrochemical and marine fields.

Ideal for:

● Marine and underwater pipelines
● Bulkheads
● Gas pipelines
● Power generation pipelines
● Industrial process pipelines


Marine HydraWrap® Pipe Sealing & Repair Kit

Our Marine HydraWrap Pipe Repair Kit is made to minimize offshore downtime and is the only FRP repair system that is ABS Design approved. HydraWrap provides rapid, chemical corrosion-resistant structural repairs without hot work. Engineered to restore or enhance the structural integrity of pipes and infrastructure, HydraTech marine kits include the required materials, tools, and instructions for standard pipe size and shape repairs.


HydraLine Pipe Sealing & Repair

HydraLine is a range of epoxy-based products that provide chemical and corrosion resistant repair for primary and secondary containment applications. With an emphasis on chemical and corrosion resistance, HydraLine products have proven effective as primers, fillers, and FRP binders.



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