HydraTite® Internal Pipe Joint Seal

HydraTite® is a mechanical repair that is installed inside a pipe to seal leaks and rehabilitate aging underground infrastructure without excavation. The system is as simple as it is customizable. The two main components are the rubber sleeve that is pressed against the interior surface of the pipe, and the stainless steel retaining bands that lock the rubber in place, providing a lifetime repair. The rubber and steel are manufactured by HydraTech to meet the specifications of each unique job. The pipe’s size, shape, and material can be accommodated by HydraTite’s incredible flexibility. Below are some project examples of the diversity of applications.

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    • Custom made to your projects specifications
    • Repair pipes from the inside, no excavation needed
    • Perform emergency repairs
    • Proven solution for over 30 years, made in the USA
    HydraTite installed over a joint to prevent infiltration and exfiltration
    HydraTite installed over a joint to prevent infiltration and exfiltration
    HydraTite installed over a joint to prevent infiltration and exfiltration
    HydraTite installed over a joint to prevent infiltration and exfiltration
    HydraTite installed over a joint to prevent infiltration and exfiltration

    Who Uses HydraTite?

    Our internal pipe joint seals have been used successfully for over 20 years in pipe joint repairs, pressure pipe repairs, and joint infiltration in drinking water, storm drain sewers, gas pipelines, storage pipelines, distribution pipelines, and power generation pipelines. HydraTite is great for emergency repairs.


    Where HydraTite Has Been Installed?

    HydraTite has been installed all over the USA, but this map details where we have been and what DOT product lists we are on. In some projects, HydraTech was the installer, and in other projects, we supplied the materials or training. Learn more about our installation options here >


    On a DOT list.
    Working with DOT.
    Non-DOT jobs.
    No jobs yet.
    Purple map of United States showing where HydraTite has been installed
    Idaho Washington California Colorado South Dakota Texas Ohio Maine Florida Alabama Georgia Mississippi Virginia Connecticut Tennessee Nevada Iowa Wisconsin Michigan New York Pennsylvania North Carolina Kentucky Massachusetts


    HydraTech installed a HydraTite seal in an irrigation system at a ranch in Idaho, ensuring the Bison got their much needed water.
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    HydraTech recently completed a HydraTite installation training in Washington which was detailed in one of our blogs. They ordered 14 of our seals to install in a 30" pipeline.

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    Our longest interlocking seal, 7 connected together, was installed in southern California as mentioned in our blog. This project is detailed in a Municipal Sewer & Water article as well.

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    Colorado DOT’s APL has HydraTite listed as a Culvert Lining Repair under the material code 707.12.01.00. We also repaired a 96" lake overflow pipe.

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    South Dakota

    South Dakota Includes HydraTite On its APL as a culvert repair product.


    HydraTech completed a job under a prime contractor for the Texas DOT to install HydraTite that was manufactured for 3' by 7' box culverts. We also completed a large job for Houston.

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    Ohio’s DOT has awarded HydraTech the maintenance contract 315-23 which is directly connected with HydraTite and many projects have come from it.

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    HydraTech has installed HydraTite on behalf of the Maine DOT. Another 60" seal was also installed in a stormwater pipe.

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    HydraTech has completed HydraTite installations for Florida's DOT and an elliptical installation for an HOA.

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    HydraTech has installed a HydraTite seal for the Alabama DOT as part of the process to get on their products list.

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    HydraTech recently gave a presentation to Georgia's DOT about HydraTite & intends to install a demo seal soon. We have installed HydraTite for the city of Atlanta and the city of Savannah.

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    HydraTech is currently installing HydraTite box seals under an air port in Mississippi.

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    HydraTite is listed on the Virginia DOT NPEL and has been assigned the number 2007-78. We have completed work in the state as well.

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    HydraTech has installed HydraTite for Watertown Connecticut and has installed the seal for the DOT in a 60" storm drain.

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    Tennessee's DOT has HydaTite listed on its Qualified Products Miscellaneous List. HydraTite has been installed in Tennessee as well.


    HydraTech installed HydraTite in a 84” water main for a public works department in Nevada.

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    HydraTite was installed in a 60-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) outfall line. This project is outlined in an article by Stormwater Solutions. HydraTite was also installed in a 48” storm sewer that ran beneath a homeowner’s driveway.
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    Four double-wide seals were installed as part of a Wisconsin DOT Project outlined in an article by Water World. Another project in the state resulted in HydraTite being installed in 72-inch pipe, dating back to 1950. This project is detailed in another article by Water World.
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    HydraTite was utilized in a Michigan DOT project as detailed by an article by Stormwater Solutions. HydraTite was also installed in a 72" culvert under interstate 90 as part of another Michigan DOT Project.

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    New York

    HydraTech installed hundreds of HydraTite seals below Buffalo and this blog outlines the details of the project.

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    Eight HydraTite box seals were installed in a pipe at a Generating Station in Pennsylvania.

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    North Carolina

    HydraTech installed HydraTite as part of a River Pump Station Rehabilitation Project.

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    HydraTech recently installed two seals in box-shaped flumes for a water treatment facility in Kentucky. One was approximately 4 by 8 feet and the other was about 4 by 4 feet.

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    HydraTite was installed in a project owned by Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, the predecessor of MassDOT. Some of the seals were interlocked in a sleeve to cover a longer portion of the pipe.

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      What Can The Seal Do?

      HydraTite® is generally applied in man-entree pipes at joints or points that need repair but is structurally sound. However, the seal has proven itself a reliable solution acting as a replacement for failing expansion joints and as an end seal, terminating liners. In circumstances where a large portion of the pipe is compromised, the HydraTite® seal can be interlocked to stretch beyond the damage. Seals can be manufactured with retaining bands that ship in multiple pieces which can make getting the bands through tight spaces less difficult. The seal sometimes includes a backing band to remediate pressure piping and cooling water expansion joints. Below is a full list of applications.

      Round Pipe Joint Seal
      Repairs deteriorated pipe joints to prevent inflow & infiltration (I&I) and eliminate leaks in pressure applications. Requires man-entry size piping, typically 18” and greater.

      Elliptical Pipe Joint Seal
      Repairs defective joints in gravity flow application to eliminate I&I and prevent sinkhole formation. Custom-manufactured to accommodate man-entry elliptical pipe sizes.

      Box Joint Seal
      Custom-manufactured seal to repair defective joints in box culverts, tunnels, and conduits with rectangular or non-circular cross-sections. Suitable for gravity and pressure applications.

      Liner End Seal
      Designed to span the termination of internal pipe linings and provide water tight seal to prevent backflow between lines and host pipe. Applications in sizes 12” and greater are possible provided access to install does not require man entry.

      Expansion Joint Seal
      Designed to replace defective expansion joints. This design allows for the necessary movement that expansion joints require while maintaining a water or air-tight seal. Designed to be installed without the need to remove the existing expansion joint.


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      Structural Composite Repair System


      Internal Seal For Small-Diameter Pipe


      Potable Water Pipeline Renewal