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HydraTite Can Function As A Mechanical End Seal
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 12/20/2021

Cured in place piping (CIPP) is frequently chosen as a solution of aging pipes experiencing infiltration as it costs less than replacement. This repair method does come with some liabilities. Difference in cure and ambient temperature and a steady flow can lead to space forming between the liner and the pipe. Eventually, infiltration will resume, undeterred by the compromised liner.

To remedy this many CIPP installations utilize a hydrophilic seal at the end of the liner. However, this is a preconstruction solution and some CIPP are installed with out them. Also if these seals are not installed correctly, under less than ideal conditions, or are not properly maintained, they can fail. If this seal fails, the only recourse is to cut the seal out from underneath the liner and then reline the section.

So what if the CIPP was installed without a hydrophilic seal? Are there more effective solutions?

HydraTite can function as a mechanical end seal for CIPP. After the liner is cured, the HydraTite seal is installed on the end of the liner as a post-construction solution. The HydraTite seal is designed to accommodate the difference of diameter created by the liner. One stainless steel compression band is installed over the liner and the other is installed directly onto the host pipe. If there is an issue with the seal or its installation, it can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled, unlike the hydrophilic seal. With HydraTite, the end of the liner is not exposed to the flow of the pipe and this will ensure a longer life of your liner.

Two images, opening of a pipe in which the pipe has been lined, HydraTite installed over the end of a liner in a pipe
two examples of HydraTite installed as an end seals
HydraTite being installed as an end seal
HydraTite installed as an end seal
HydraTite installed as an end seal
HydraTite installed as an end seal


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