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Making Our Facilities Better & Better
Icon WriterMike Albert, 2/24/2023

Before the project schedule gets too busy in spring, we prepare the crew by training them on various aspects of the job. We don’t stop with only preparing the crew, we continue to update and improve the building we work in for higher efficiency.

One project that we recently completed was the concrete ramp that the field crew was able to make in the back lot. Previously, there was a storage area that could not be reached with the forklift and this limited what could be put there to only what could be moved by hand. Now the forklift can easily make it to this portion of the back lot.

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Donna and I have pulled and organized files from previous years. These files had been in the attic and nearly inaccessible, but now they are down with us and sorted by year.

Lastly, some of the interior walls on the manufacturing side were discolored with age. This was also added to the list, and now they are looking clean and white.

close up of the OTEC Logo
close up of the OTEC Logo


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