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Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge 5/10/2024

HydraTech exhibited at the Ohio Stormwater Conference again this year. This conference is for everyone involved in stormwater and watersheds. Jennifer and I met people involved in every facet of this industry: planners, designers, compliance coordinators, maintenance managers, and many others.   

Peter and Caleb Standing In Front Of The HydraTech Booth At OTEC

On day one, we drove to the convention center, got signed in, and set up our booth. For this market, we displayed our HydraTite and HydraLock seals. The first social event was dinner at a nearby winery, where we got to try wine, explore the production facility, and socialize with the other conferencegoers. I was particularly struck by the beauty of the chandeliers constructed from brilliantly lit wine bottles of nearly every color.

The next day was the official start of the conference. Jennifer and I spoke to many people who were interested in the seals our company manufactures. Some of the attendees were not aware of internal pipe joint seals and may have thought digging and replacing was their only option. We made sure that everyone knew that not only were these seals an option for circular pipes but other irregularly shaped pipes as well. If the large HydraTite seal display did not capture their attention, the prize wheel would. It was fun being a bit of a game show host while explaining all the benefits of our rehabilitation solutions. 

Four Images, Two People Smiling, A WWETT Trade Show Sign, A Sad Dog, Jennifer Encircled By A HydraTite Seal
Brushing Wet-Out on for the HydraWrap Demo
HydraTech Crew sitting outside at the Holiday Auto Theatre
working out rubber excess bump
A field technician digging out biomass in a pipe

As the evening approached, the exhibitor hall was shifted into a western-themed reception. Karaoke was set up, a photo booth was constructed, food and drinks were brought out, and a Caricature artist joined us. I signed up for karaoke to sing a few songs, but because everyone else was slow to warm up to the idea of performing, I ended up singing three songs back to back. I’m not sure that it was a star quality performance, but I had a lot of fun.

The next day was a bit slower since most of the attendees had made their rounds to each of the exhibitor booths. We packed up and headed home. Can’t wait until next time!

button for HydraTite
Two HydraTite Installers
Orange highlight box, 'highlighting HydraLock, Internal Seal For Small-Diameter Pipe'
Office Administrator Caleb at his desk
HydraTech Crew sitting outside at the Holiday Auto Theatre
Three people dressed up for halloween


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Large 'WWETT' Tradeshow Sign

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