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April 6th, 2023

HydraTech suggests its premier trenchless solution, HydraTite, for sealing leaks and rehabilitating underground infrastructure. In this video the product is explored in depth; what it is, when it is used, and how it is installed.


0:56What is HydraTite? It is a simple mechanical solution to infiltration and exfiltration in pipes. It is comprised of an EPDM rubber seal that is locked in place with stainless steel retaining bands.


1:19When is HydraTite used? It can be used in potable and non-potable applications. Installations have been completed in metal pipes, concrete pipes, elliptical pipes, irregularly shaped pipes, and corrugated pipes. The seal can be used to terminate a liner or replace an expansion joint. HydraTite can be installed in standing water or even completely underwater. This product is a highly customizable and flexible solution.


3:12How is it installed? The simple installation can be completed by a small crew in only six steps.


3:23 – 1. Preparing the surface for a proper seal.


3:49 – 2. Lubricating and positioning rubber seal.


4:30 – 3. Constructing and positioning retaining bands.


5:23 – 4. Expanding bands.


6:33 – 5. Inserting snuggly fitting wedge.


7:06 – 6. Tightening bolts in the retaining bands.


7:15 – HydraTite can be installed in irregular-shaped pipes such as box culverts as well. This process can be broken down into fifteen steps.


7:20 – 1. Preparing the surface for proper sealing.


7:44 – 2. Marking out edges for rubber placement.


7:53 – 3. Marking where the anchors need to be.


8:40 – 4. Drilling the anchor holes.


8:50 – 5. Inserting anchors.


9:17 – 6. Constructing bands.


9:28 – 7. Lubricating and positioning rubber.


9:39 – 8. Positioning Steel Bands.


10:10 – 9. Placing corner forms.


10:25 – 10. Bending and inserting shims behind retaining bands.


10:39 – 11. Placing anchor plates and leaving off anchors that would complicate expansion.


10:50 – 12. Expanding the first side of a retaining band and locking it in place with wedges.


11:19 – 13. Continuing this process on all sides of both bands.


11:26 – 14. Installing missing anchor plates that were left off earlier and tightening all bolts.


11:38 – 15. Trimming down all anchors.


11:45 – Additional information for unique installation situations.


11:50 – Performing an air test.


12:38 – Installing a backing plate behind the seal.


13:12 – Installing with more than two retaining bands.


13:27Safety Information.


13:33 – Properly handling the expander head when operating.


13:50 – How to carry the expander.


14:01Troubleshooting scenarios.


14:06 – The head of the expander not opening when pumping.


15:00 – Gauge not moving while pumping.


15:15 – Expander head stuck open in the retaining band.


15:48 – Continuously losing pressure while tapping on the retaining bands.


15:58 – Expander head falling out of the expansion point.


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The HydraTite Internal Pipe Joint Seal is a long-term solution to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration in leaking pipe joints. This trenchless repair offers an affordable solution that will not disturb the roads, buildings, or life above the pipe. HydraTite is comprised of an EPDM rubber seal that is locked in place with stainless steel retaining bands. This simple design allows for easy and fast installation. If your pipe is structurally sound, but experiencing leaks, HydraTite could be the solution for you. Don’t put off the repair, choose the BEST trenchless pipe joint repair, choose HydraTite. 

Learn More About HydraTite Here!

HydraTech focuses on manufacturing and installing long-term solutions for aging infrastructure. We seal pipe joints that are separated and/or offset. We wrap spalling bridges to give them new strength. We clean and pave culverts that have rusted inverts. We do all this and more.

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