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Sealing Over A GRP To PCCP Transition


June 20th, 2024

Glass reinforced pipe (GRP) had previously been sliplined in a section of a 102” diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). HydraTite functioned as a termination seal to fortify this aqueduct’s transition from the 102” PCCP to the 90” GRP. First, strips of EPDM rubber were positioned near the transition, and grout was built up in such a way as to create a gradual transition from the PCCP to the GRP. After the grout was cured, the seal was installed over it. The versatility of the HydraTite seal allowed for installation despite the different diameters between the GRP and PCCP. The transition is now fortified against the formation of leaks.

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The HydraTite Internal Pipe Joint Seal is a long-term solution to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration in leaking pipe joints. This trenchless repair offers an affordable solution that will not disturb the roads, buildings, or life above the pipe. HydraTite is comprised of an EPDM rubber seal that is locked in place with stainless steel retaining bands. This simple design allows for easy and fast installation. If your pipe is structurally sound, but experiencing leaks, HydraTite could be the solution for you. Don’t put off the repair, choose the BEST trenchless pipe joint repair, choose HydraTite.

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HydraTech focuses on manufacturing and installing long-term solutions for aging infrastructure. We seal pipe joints that are separated and/or offset. We wrap spalling bridges to give them new strength. We clean and pave culverts that have rusted inverts. We do all this and more.

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