Economical and reliable in-situ repair options for vital operating systems and equipment that extend service life, prevent unscheduled downtime, and provide rapid return to service.

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NSF61 approved products and resin-based coatings for buried utilities and infrastructure provide a cost-effective rehabilitation and repair option that is reliable, long-term, and minimizes disruption to the surrounding public services and infrastructure.

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ABS-design certified, carbon fiber reinforced composite offers structural rehabilitation to pressurized piping, tanks and similar apparatus. Epoxy and polyurea coatings protect against aggressive chemical and environmental conditions.

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Internal Pipe Joint Repairs

No expensive excavation is needed to install a HydraTite® internal joint seal. Our products allow rapid installation and return-to-service, and have proven ideal for emergency repairs for over 20 years.

Structural Composite Repair System

HydraWrap® products provide a corrosion barrier for degraded piping. Because they can be installed with common tools in less than 30 minutes, HydraWrap options can prevent costly, unplanned shutdowns.

Primary & Secondary Containment

HydraTech's family of fast-setting, spray-applied polyureas and hybrid polyureas (PolySpray) provide chemical resistant, protective linings for tanks, vaults, troughs, secondary containment structures and similar apparatus.

DOT Approved Culvert Lining

Apply a high build, non brittle coating without sacrificing physical properties. PolySpray is tough but flexible, and ideally suited to withstand mechanical shock. Snap cures allow for immediate return to service.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Internal chimney seals stop inflow between the manhole frame and cone. Internal rubber sleeves stop inflow under the manhole frame.

Resistant Pipe Coating

WaterLine is an NSF/ANSI 61 certified epoxy coating approved for use in contact with potable water. It can be remotely applied in small diameter pipes, and installed in potable water vessels.

Internal Joint Sealing System

Repair deteriorating pipes from the INSIDE – with no excavation. Great for emergency repairs. Used successfully for over 20 years!

Our internal pipe joint seals are a proven solution for pipe joint repairs, pressure pipe repairs and joint infiltration in drinking water, storm drain sewer, gas pipelines, storage pipelines, distribution pipelines and power generation pipelines.


HydraTech products are manufactured in the USA and have been designed, engineered and tested to provide highly reliable performance.