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Starting New Office Activities
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 3/4/2022

HydraTech is making time for team-building activities in 2022. Starting in February, we have set the first Friday of every month as a day all employees can attend a potluck lunch. March’s potluck was a feast of pulled pork, mac and cheese, slow-cooked green beans, baked beans, chips, and potatoes salad. I heard nearly everyone thank Bret Organ for his expertly smoked pulled-pork on his Orion cooker. If he isn’t careful he will find himself cooking all the future entrees for these potlucks.

We intend to have outings that include HydraTech Engineered Products and HydraTech Field Services employees to grow relationships and communications between the two companies. We don’t plan to do anything too exciting without the large portion of our crew that is working in Buffalo New York, so until they get back we will focus on activities that aren’t too extravagant and don’t take a lot of time out of the workday. Despite the potlucks being more low-key, they are something I look forward to each month.

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