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Icon WriterWill Blais 3/7/2024

Last week I was able to accompany Caleb Rutledge on a trip to Texas. Specifically, the Cities of Arlington, Denton, and Midland. The purpose of going to Texas was to provide a demonstration of our HydraTite Seal as well as show off our HydraLock seal to explain the capabilities and services we provide. While this was my first time in Texas as well as my first time taking part in a demonstration, many HydraTite seals have been installed in the state. Over the course of the past week, I learned a lot about the proper way to present our product as well as some of the typical questions a customer or engineer might ask about our products and services. Many of the people we spoke to had never used something like our seal, and they were interested in a long-term repair that did not require digging down to the pipe.

Four Images, Two People Smiling, A WWETT Trade Show Sign, A Sad Dog, Jennifer Encircled By A HydraTite Seal
Reaching Out To Pet A Small Sad Dog
Jennifer Smiling At The Viewer Through Our HydraTite Seal

Since it is the first week of March, I was expecting Texas to be very cold since it is still winter. But the weather was very warm, upwards of 80 degrees some days. One part of the trip that stood out to me was that the parts of Texas we were in had a very flat landscape. Allowing you to see very far off in the distance. During our off-time Caleb and I explored the Nature and Science Center which was very fun. We also got to experience the culture and food of the area. It was also very exciting to see Bucee’s gas station, which for those that do not know is an extremely large gas station with at least 40 gas pumps. They also make their own food there as well as BBQ and beef jerky. During the drive to Midland, we drove through the oil fields in Texas, which was something I also had never seen before.

Overall, Texas was a very good trip, filled with good food, new experiences, and learning opportunities. I look forward to traveling out to other municipalities informing them of our infrastructure solutions.

Two People Smiling At The Camera
Orange highlight box, 'highlighting HydraLock, Internal Seal For Small-Diameter Pipe'
WWETT Trade Show Sign Hanging Down
button for HydraTite
Looking Down At A Full Dinning Hall


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