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Icon WriterJennifer Williams 1/27/2024

I was able to represent HydraTech at the WWETT Trade Show as an exhibitor this year in Indianapolis with over 600 other exhibitors. We brought a lot of information about our HydraTite and HydraLock seals, full-sized display seals, the eye-catching prize wheel, and Will Blais. While Will has worked at HydraTech for a while now, this was his first show. He did great at explaining what we do and how our seals can benefit people in the water and wastewater industry. Along with Will and I, Caleb Rutledge and Mike Fox briefly attended the show.

The weather wasn’t great but the show was. There were so many wastewater and environmental professionals there to learn from and great opportunities for networking. A lot of live demonstrations scattered around the extensive expo floor gave everyone a chance to experience the latest product innovations and technology. They also offer quite a selection of educational sessions.

Two People Smiling At The Camera
Four Images, Two People Smiling, A WWETT Trade Show Sign, A Sad Dog, Jennifer Encircled By A HydraTite Seal
Reaching Out To Pet A Small Sad Dog
Jennifer Smiling At The Viewer Through Our HydraTite Seal

The show featured a wonderful beach-themed welcome party as well. Great food and entertainment while giving all a chance to mix and mingle outside of the show’s setting.

I would be remiss, not to mention that The Hamilton County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was at the show as well. They brought cute animals that needed a home. They definitely brightened my day.

The show was productive as a learning and teaching experience. I look forward to next year!

Orange highlight box, 'highlighting HydraLock, Internal Seal For Small-Diameter Pipe'
WWETT Trade Show Sign Hanging Down
button for HydraTite
Looking Down At A Full Dinning Hall


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