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Caleb Rutledge, 8/25/2023

Throughout my years working here at HydraTech I have sat in on many trainings. Everyone is encouraged to join these trainings regardless of how directly the information is applied to your position. I’m involved with sales and marketing but I just sat in on a bloodborne pathogen class. In another instance, I explained to the field crew how I use the images and videos from jobs in case studies and guided them on the practices of better content creation. And, while we have no plans to send our office admin and controller into the field, I will be walking them both through the installation process for HydraTite Internal Pipe Joint Seals and explain the installation of the HydraWrap Structural Composite Repair System.

We promote a learning environment at HydraTech, encouraging the employees to grow beyond their basic job description. If you ask any of our employees about what we do, they should be able to describe our services and products. Knowing about what everyone does, lends itself to a higher respect for each other’s positions and departments working better together. The frequent safety-related training, such as the CPR certification, scaffolding safety class, and bloodborne pathogen training, all make sure we are on guard and know how to respond when time is of the essence.

Field service crew putting on gloves
Group of images showing HydraTech crew members being trained

I really appreciate the knowledge I’ve gained sitting in on these trainings. I always learn something new. In this recent bloodborne pathogen class, I learned that blood has a higher viral load than feces and therefore presents a higher risk when we are installing HydraTite in sanitary lines. I also learned that something as small as nail biting can put you at higher risk of contracting disease in these scenarios due to the small abrasions it creates.

I have enjoyed sitting in on these trainings and plan to attend any I can fit into my schedule. I want to make myself as useful as possible.

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