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Looking Back On My Time With HydraTech
Icon WriterMadison Neeley 1/26/2023

I have worked at HydraTech for just over two years. Infrastructure repair was a shift from what I had been doing before, teaching mandarin sign language, but working here was a fun experience.

I worked in the field at first, installing HydraTite seals, applying fiber wrap, and clearing out culverts. One of the big jobs I was a part of was the Buffalo installation. This was one of my favorite projects in part due to the food; the pizza and wings are great up there. We also had a cat that would frequently visit us on the site that we named “Who Dey”.


Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC
Three images, field technicians inspecting a bridge column that has recently been wrapped, field technician grinding a bridge support, a baby swaddled in a bed

However, working in the field became untenable as I was expecting. I requested that I be moved into the shop to manufacture HydraTech’s line of products. There I got to learn how Bret would take purchase orders from John and build them to meet the customer’s needs. For instance, I helped produce HydraTite seals by drilling and tapping the steel bands, and then rolling bands into the correct diameter. I also helped splicing the rubber.

Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC
Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC

Since my baby boy was born, I will be taking some time off, but intend to eventually come back. I’m so excited to be the mother of this sweet little man.

Madison is always in a good mood, even when covered in epoxy.

Peter Headshot

Caleb Rutledge

Marketing Manager

Madison speaks her mind confidently.

Peter Headshot

Peter Blais


She makes everyone around her smile.

Mike Headshot

Mike Albert

Field Services Manager

Good to work with, and you learned about yourself working with her.

Peter Headshot

Bret Organ


She is one tough cookie.

Peter Headshot

Victor Strayhorn


It’s never a slow day when you’re working with her

Peter Headshot

Ben Steinbrunner

Field Technician

She is a tough woman who stands her own.

Peter Headshot

John Blankenship

Operations Manager

She learns faster than others.

Peter Headshot

Rob White


Madison is awesome and she makes every job 1000x more fun to be a part of

Peter Headshot

David Dubois

Field Technician

Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC
Madison and Donna standing together all dressed in red
close up of the OTEC Logo

Recent Interview With Madison

Technician sitting in front of a pipe entrance

Installing Hundreds Of Seals In Buffalo New York



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Two HydraTite seals installed over joints in a pipe bend

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