Deteriorating Culvert Invert


Water / Utilities


The challenge was to repair a 347-ft long, 112 x 75” corrugated metal culvert that was deteriorating at the invert. Its galvanized bottom had suffered significant erosion and corrosion damage from salt and fertilizer run-off. The culvert ran under a busy intersection in a heavily trafficked, commercial business area. Deteriorating Culvert Invert

Engineered Solution

The options were discussed and the solution to repair rather than replace was presented. PolySpray SS-100 was chosen as a cost-effective solution to prevent further deterioration of the current culvert without disrupting traffic, commercial businesses or residents.


The contractor bypassed the water flow, removed the original tar lining, prepared the surface with an abrasive blast, repaired invert with concrete and sprayed the entire culvert with PolySpray SS-100.


This rapid setting, semi-structural, monolithic coating provides moderate structural support to the host structure, as well as excellent resistance to incidental chemical exposure. This lining system will extend the life of the culvert, not impede traffic, and not hinder hydraulic performance. City officials were very pleased with all stages of the project.



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