Cooling Water Supply Pipe Leaks




The challenge was to repair leaks in the cooling water supply pipe.

Engineered Solution

The solution utilized the Marine HydraWrap Structural Composite Repair System.


The cooling water system on a vessel experienced leaks and deterioration of the pipe wall. These leaks and deterioration were noticed primarily in the pipe fittings located immediately downstream of the supply pumps.


Temporary patches and repair bands were implemented in the past to reduce the leaking. Still searching for a better repair, the client was introduced to HydraTech’s ABS Design Approved Marine HydraWrap, and they requested the repairs be made to several areas of the system where leaks had developed. The areas of the CuNiFe piping were prepared and cleaned using hand and power tools to provide a clean surface and remove any foreign material. The HydraWrap carbon fiber system was then applied. HydraTech Engineered Products, LLC provided supervision and training services and the vessel’s personnel completed the repairs on one 24-in x 18-in tee and one 18-in elbow in one working day.


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