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Another Year, Another Great Party
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 12/22/2022

HydraTech had an even better year than last year and we got together for our annual Christmas celebration to celebrate. We gathered for a delicious lunch, party games, and a gift exchange.

Peter gave his annual presentation and recapped the successes of the year such as large projects that were completed, like the buffalo job that started back in 2020 and the recently completed ODOT Prime job. Then Lunch came. The prime rib was the most popular order and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who got it.

close up of the OTEC Logo
close up of the OTEC Logo
close up of the OTEC Logo
Two images, all the employees sitting and eating lunch at Christmas, two employees dressed festive attire and hugging

After lunch, the games started. Every year some of the games are rotated out but the one that happens every year is a game in which employees guess facts about each other. This game always results in us learning some funny things about each other. I now know Donna is scared of turtles and that Peter has gone swimming with penguins. The last activity, a yearly staple, is name drawing.

The prizes and gifts were fantastic as always. I won a ticket to watch the Bengals but offered it up so a die-hard fan could go. This resulted in the room erupting and the eventual solution was to redraw another name. Victor ended up with the ticket and was very excited to go.

Various Christmas iconography inside a cut out of a wreath, 'Happy Holidays'
Christmas icons texturing the background and a wreath formed from negative space, 'Happy Holidays'

This party will certainly be one of my fondest memories of working at HydraTech. I can’t wait until the next work event!

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close up of the OTEC Logo

Donna and Madison standing together, all dressed in red and smiling.

close up of the OTEC Logo

Jennifer and Annette hugging and dressed for the season.

close up of the OTEC Logo

All of HydraTech together in funny poses.


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