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Installing Nearly A Thousand HydraTite Seals
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 12/20/2022

This summer HydraTech completed one of our largest projects yet. During our time in Buffalo, New York we installed nearly a thousand HydraTite seals in the cast-iron pipes below the city. Most of the HydraTite seals were manufactured for pipes that were 60 inch, 48 inch, or 36 inch in diameter.

Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC

Calcium build-up and mortar had to be removed from some of the joints so that the HydraTite seal could be properly installed. As previously mentioned in our blog, there were also abandoned lines that were sealed during the project. First, a steel backing plate was placed over the unused opening and then a HydraTite seal was installed over that.

Two images, measuring a hole, looking down a pipe at technicians installing HydraTite
close up of the OTEC Logo

The project was completed in phases, so we were not active in Buffalo the entire time, but the project was completed a year and a half after we started.

close up of the OTEC Logo
close up of the OTEC Logo
close up of the OTEC Logo

Snow that has covered the job site above ground.

close up of the OTEC Logo

The surface of the pipe that has been cleaned in preparation for the installation of the HydraTite seal.

Air testing the HydraTite seal.


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HydraTite installed in a demo pipe section above ground with the expander off to the side

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