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Helping Prevent The Formation Additional Sinkholes
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 12/7/2022

Recently a township discovered a small sunk-in portion of one of its roads. Water was poured into this indentation and seen coming through two joints in the pipe below. The small sinkhole was patched and the township called us to help address the underlying problem, joint infiltration.

Three images, spreading concrete on the invert of the pipe, HydraTite installed in a pipe, technicians rubbing lube on the ribs of HydraTite
Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC

I was sent down with one other member of our Field Services crew to give a demonstration of the HydraTite installation at a township facility. Once the in-house demo was completed we followed township personnel down into the pipe so we could guide them on the installation of two seals.

Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC

Water was pumped out of the pipe to allow these new installers optimal conditions for their first install. Minor irregularities were observed at the invert of the pipe near the joints and these were made smooth with a small patch of concrete. The HydraTite seal‘s rubber was lubricated and put in place. Then the retaining bands were locked in place. The installation only took the trainees two hours, which is pretty good for their first installation.

Want to know more? Watch this video showcasing a recently completed job

Tightening a bolt in a HydraTite seal

Instructing Township Personnel On The HydraTite Installation Process


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