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Continuing Our Contract Work With ODOT
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 12/2/2022

HydraTech has been awarded ODOT maintenance contracts 314-22 Culvert Clean-Out Services and 316-22 Culvert Invert Paving. These contracts have resulted in multiple projects all over Ohio.

Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC

The pictures are from Clark, Shelby, and Montgomery Counties. The completed Clark County project required both a clean-out stage and a field paving stage. The culvert was 350 feet long and 10 feet in diameter. Signs of oxidation were becoming apparent, but the damage to the invert was not very severe yet. The Shelby county job was in worse shape with small holes that had formed in the invert. This culvert was approximately 250 feet long and 96 inches in diameter. This location has been cleaned and will soon be paved to remedy the water intrusions. The Montgomery location was the most affected, with entire sections rusted out.

Caleb and Jennifer sitting at the booth at OTEC
Three images, culvert in which rust is eating at the invert of the pipe, holes in the invert of a pipe being measured, technician spreading concrete

The layer of concrete will provide a layer of protection to the inverts of the culverts at a fraction of the price of replacement.

people walking around the OTEC conference and the booths they are visiting

Want to know more? Watch this video showcasing a recently completed field pave job

Technician applying concrete to the invert of a pipe

Culvert Field Paving


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Field technician standing in deep water outside a pipe

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