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Icon WriterHydraTech, LLC, 2/6/2020

Deteriorating pipes can cause many safety and financial problems if not taken care of quickly. It is important to inspect your pipes regularly to check for pipe deterioration and erosion. Unfortunately, inspection won’t do much good if you are not sure what to look for.

If you can safely enter a pipe, infiltration is usually simple to spot in gravity flow applications. Point defects are visible, and joints that have become detached or misaligned can be found relatively easily. If an invert has started to deteriorate, it would be readily apparent. For pressurized pipe systems, these same joint and point defects are likely contributing to leaks. But how do you recognize these problems if you are not able to see inside the pipes? Maybe they are underground, and you do not have easy access, they are too small, or you do not have the proper safety equipment. How would you noticeDeteriorating Pipe Inspection the previously mentioned problems? 

There are many things you can be looking for. Compromised pipes can erode the surrounding ground until sinkholes form. The ground could be frequently saturated despite fairly dry weather. Depending on what the pipes are transporting, the surrounding area may have an unusual odor. Drinking water specifically, could change in color or taste. You may experience an unexpected rise in your water bill.

Six images, a portion of pipe that has rusted through, a puddle of water demonstrating the leak in the pipes below, HydraTite installed over a joint in a pipe, rusted invert of a pipe, a portion of pipe that has fallen out near a joint and rebar is exposed, a section of pipe that has been coated and wrapped with HydraWrap

Preventative care must be taken, such as lining the pipes with epoxies like WaterLine, but this will not help if you have determined that your pipes are already compromised. If the tube is large enough for personnel to enter safely, then trenchless repair options could be an effective rehabilitation option. Eliminating or minimalizing excavation will generally make the trenchless repair the economical solution. Misaligned or detached joints can be repaired with a HydraTite seal. You should consider HydraTech’s HydraWrap fiber-reinforced Systems for Concrete or metallic pipes. HydraTech’s various products can improve your pipes, whether they need preventative care or are already beginning to deteriorate.

Contact HydraTech for Deteriorating Pipe Repair

If you experience a pipe failure or are concerned that your pipes are deteriorating, we can provide you with an effective, long-lasting solution that minimizes both costs and downtime! Reach out to us today at (513) 827-9169 or by filling out our contact form to learn more about our trenchless pipe installation and products.


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