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Infiltration In Semi-Elliptical Tunnel
Icon WriterCaleb Rutledge, 8/9/2021

This large drainage system, underlying a major highway, was experiencing infiltration at the joints which caused concern for sinkholes and soil stability. The above roadway configuration would make excavation incredibly expensive and disrupt traffic patterns so a trenchless solution was decided upon.

a ladder out of a culvert
a long irregular culvert with lights running along the side
Exposed joint with the pipe segments separated
three technicians installing the HydraTite Seal in an irregular shaped pipe
Initially, HydraTite was going to be installed as it has been in so many other projects before, wrapping around to cover the entire joint. However, the invert was not uniform from previous repair attempts. The project owners requested a three-sided seal that would not run along the bottom.
Installing the HydraTite seal in an irregular pipe
a HydraTite Seal protecting a joint

22 standard wide seals were installed in roughly a week. HydraTite will protect the above highway and was faster and more cost-effective than repairs requiring excavation. 

Technical drawing of an irregular pipe
a pipe that is irregular shape with a three-sided HydraTite Internal Pipe Joint installed over one if its a joint